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Jackie Brown – Soundtrack (a Quentin Tarantino film)

Jackie_Brownmusic from the miramax motion picture

Tarantino succeeds in finding the perfect match between the rhytm of his movies and its background music. The music simply triggers the movie’s interaction in the right way.

For sure the soundtrack is to be highlighted, but also the film in general. Without severe brutality – as known from other Tarantino output – the movie attracts by its storyline. Pam Grier alias Jackie Brown is a stewardess trying to aument her earnings by helping a weapon dealer (Samuel L. Jackson alias Ordell Robie) to transfer money across the borders of the US.

Finally, she got caught by customs and strategy had to change. Henceforward the movie develops an exciting cat-and-mouse game involving half a million dollar and a bunch of crooks. Who is screwed is left to the end.

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